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Robert Ellis Shope
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Boracéia Virus - A New Virus Related to Anopheles B. Virus; Epimiological Studies on Eastern Equine Encephalities Virus in São Paulo, Brazil; Epidemiology of Boriceia Virus in a Forested Area in São Paulo, Brazil; Bertioga (Guama Group) and Anhembi ( Group), Two New Arboviruses Isolated in São Paulo, Brazil; Evoluation of the Hemolysis-in-Gel Test for the Screening of Rubella Immunity and the Demonstration of Recent Infection; Isolation of Mucambo Virus, A Member of the Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus Complex in the State of São Paulo, Brazil; Emergency of a New Arbovirus Disease in Brazil. I - Isolation and Characterization of the Etiologic Agent, Rocio Virus; Emergency a New Above Disease in Brazil. II - Epidemiologic Studies on 1975 Epidemic; Isolation of St. LouisEncephalitis Virus in South Brazil; Rubella Immuzation: Progress, Problems and Potential Solutions; Longevity of Wild Birds Obtained During A Banding Program in São Paulo, Brazil; Avaliação Sorológica de Vacina Contra Encefalite Humana Causada pelo Vírus Rocio; Antigenic Relationships Among Tacaiuma Complex Viruses of the Anopheles a serogroup (Bunyaviridae); Blood Parasites of Some Birds from São Paulo State, Brazil; Emergency of a New Arbovirus Disease in Brazil; III - Isolation of a Rocio Virus From Psorophora Ferox (Humboldt, 1819) ; Identification of a New Venezuelan Equine Encephalits Virus From Brazil; Identification of a New Guama and Group C Serogroup Bunyaviruses and Urgrouped Virus From Souther Brazil; Encefalite pelo Virus Rocio; Novel Viruses in Human Taeces; studies on Yellow Fever Vacine. I - Quality-control Parameters; Studies on Yellow Fever Vaccine II - Stability of the Reconstitud product; Studies on Yellow Fever Vaccine III - Dose Response in Volunteers;Negleted Surveillance of A Aegypti and Reappearance of Dengue Fever in Brazil; Rocio Viral Encephalitis.


  • Dossiê
  • 31/12/1937 - 14/08/1961
  • Parte de Hugo Laemmert